Apr 5 2017 Need sand and rock for your tank brs li BRS Sand Rock Today on BRStv we have another episode of BRS 52 FAQ where we answer

Saltwater aquarium set up and stocking requires proper planning especially now your substrate and live sand add your properly cured aquarium live rock

Many people assume that the only reason for placing gravel in a fish tank is to make the tank look nicer If that 39 s so is it necessary to put in gravel It 39 s not really

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Jan 26 2017 See how aquarium glass gravel and rocks can be used in your aquarium to create a beautiful and Silica Sand Substitute Aquarium Glass 1

hey guys all the tanks i have seen so far have no algae on the sand bed and hardly any on the live rock what is the secret to your success i

These and other special features open up new possibilities when it is used as bottom sand in your aquarium In addition all natural Lava Rock Granules and

curing process Curing will remove unwanted organisms and debris and keep ammonia and nitrite levels low when the rock or sand is added to the aquarium

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Again aquarium sand comes in many different varieties–from course sand to black Pop outside and pick up a bunch of different stones or rocks you find lying

500g each bag of decorative synthetic Pebble Turtle Fish Tank Sand Rocks Aquarium Bonsai Succulent Plants Decoration Ornament Stone The matte finish of

For example I have a 120 gallon tank that has about 140 lbs of rock and a 4 inch sand bed over a plenum Now I know that it holds something less than 120

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A gravel or sand substrate is very important to the health of an aquarium It helps to prevent food fecal matter and other debris from freely floating around in a

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Apr 7 2014 It could be sand crushed coral Fluorite neon pink pebbles glass it but saltwater fish only tanks or fish only with live rock will do better with

Jun 1 2018 Is having gravel or any other kind of substrate necessary in an aquarium Learn why gravel is needed in an aquarium plus when it isn 39 t

Mar 13 2018 Use beach or play sand for the fine sand Aquarium rocks are a good choice for the rocks To make even cleaner water add a layer of carbon or

Aug 21 2016 Hey folks One of the things I knew I needed to do in this overhaul of the 125 gallon tank was replace the substrate In this video I go through the

Jun 26 2008 Can I use Rocks gravel sand etc from it for the aquarium If so what do I have to do to it in order to make sure it is ok Any tests that I should

Just bought two bags of Carib sea live sand The bags say to place sand in first then add rocks and water LA Fish guy does water Rock then

Picking the substrate for your aquarium might not seem like a big deal but it has serious consequences for your aquarium Gravel and sand are common

Results 1 29 of 29 The right substrate or what is more commonly known as the aquarium rocks or sand that lines the bottom of your tank can make a world of

If you are setting up a goldfish tank or thinking about re landscaping a tank that you already have read on to learn all about using sand as your substrate

Come visit CaribSea Booth 43 Aquarium Extravaganza 2018 Oct 13 14 Odeum Expo Center Villa Park Remember what live rock used to look like

May 13 2012 120088 in Freshwater Substrates Gravel Sand forum Well now that I I want to upgrade from my 20 gal starter kit to a rimless 60 gal tank

Most aquarists like to display some sort of substrate in their aquariums It is decorative and it anchors live plants at the bottom of the tank It also provides

Sunburst Rock Pea sized gravel 5 If you are not planning to add plants I would be careful with the use of 00 or 1 sand 1 sand is commonly used in

Additionally pea gravel is small enough that it doesn 39 t create gaps where extra aquarium food can get stuck and rot a problem with larger rocks Pea gravel also

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Buy live sand pukani dry rock Fiji live rock and base rock to create a natural aquascape in your reef tank Shop the best from CaribSea amp AquaMaxx

Determining how much substrate to buy for your new aquarium depends on the size and shape of your tank as well as the depth of the substrate bed you wish to

Oct 26 2018 The use of outdoor rocks or gravel in an aquarium has long been debated but is usually safe provided you first test the stones for calcium

If you have a very small tank of just 1 or 2 gallons and regular 100 water changes sand would not be a However if you are using large rocks or big marbles

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