It should be capable of efficiently processing oil shale of a wide range of particle sizes to minimize crushing and screening It should be mechanically simple easily operable At the Anvil Points Facility the Bureau of Mines began an investiga tion that led to the development of the gas combustion retorting process

Coal production capacity is 8 4 million tonnes year John Barge Senior Mechanical Engineer in front of the Fushun West Open Pit Coal Mine Fushun Oil shale lies crushed oil shale The fines are cur rently being discarded Once the ATP System is in operation the rejected fines will be redirected to the ATP plant

The MBM mining and boring machine The MBM mining and boring machine is for boring while anchoring is being installed in oil shale mines These crushers are for the coarse crushing of oil shale and mined rock with a hardness of up to eight on the Protodyakonov scale Double drive crushers are used for the coarse nbsp

Paraho Company USA The oil yield of this process is 90 95 of the Fischer Assay The particle size of the feedstock in the moving bed is between 7 and 75 mm As is shown in Table 7 these particles account for only about 75 of the crushing oil shale Consequently the moving bed retorting process must be integrated nbsp

We use increasingly effective and environmentally responsible technology in both the mining of oil shale as well as in the process of energy production In addition to oil shale we are using more and more alternative and renewable energy sources Oil production nbsp

9 Apr 2012 To produce oil the company plans to mine the oil shale and dump the crushed rock into a clay lined pit Because mining in the basin would be prohibitively expensive energy companies are looking for ways to heat the oil shale underground a process that requires heating the ore to at least 650 degrees nbsp

Eesti Energia has developed a unique technology called Enefit to produce liquid fuel from oil shale This technology is rooted in Estonia 39 s experience of more than 100 years of oil shale processing Enefit technology allows all of the mined oil shale to be put to use including fine oil shale In this way we are able to use the oil nbsp

1 Jul 2013 After oil shale is mined it is reduced in size in machines called crushers conveyed to the retorting plant and converted into crude shale oil water and shale It constitutes about 70 – 80 by weight of the mined oil shale and expands somewhat as a result of size reduction in mining and crushing of the nbsp

q TIS processes in which the shale is left be integrated in an AGR facility is shown in underground and is heated by injecting figure 20 In the first step the oil shale is hot fluids mined and crushed for aboveground process MIS processes in which a portion of the ing or the deposit is fractured and rubbled shale deposit is nbsp

The oldest and the most common extraction method involves pyrolysis also known as retorting or destructive distillation In this process oil shale is heated in the absence of oxygen until its kerogen decomposes into condensable shale oil vapors and non condensable combustible nbsp

Shale oil light tight oil is rapidly emerging as a significant and relatively low cost unconventional energy resource There is potential for shale oil production to spread globally over the next couple of decades If this does happen it would revolutionize global energy markets providing long term energy security at lower cost nbsp

For decomposition kerogen in oil shale the Chevron CRUSH process uses heated carbon dioxide fractures induced by injecting carbon dioxide through drilled wells and then pressured through the formation for circulation through the fractured intervals to rubblize the production zone

Raw oil shale is crushed screened and fed to the bunker 1 3 6 4 Next 5 7 9 Air emissions discharged to the atmosphere via a stack are in accordance with EU standards 8 Flue gases leaving the process are cleaned from solid particles in the electrostatic precipitator 7 Steam for electricity production is nbsp

Given sufficient time geologic forces could convert kerogen into conventional oil and gas This natural process would take millions of years Using modern processing techniques the trans formation can be rapidly accomplished and kerogen can be converted into non conventional oil and gas Crushed Oil Shale Containing nbsp

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