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A 39 short code 39 BPSK DS SSS uses an m sequence and a data rate 9 6 kbits sec If it is required that the spread Construct a Gold code signal from these two PN signals 10 39 Consider a feedback 15 40 A DS SSS uses an m sequence for spreading the spectrum with a processing gain equal to one period of the nbsp

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The P code is public so to prevent unauthorized users from using or potentially interfering with it through spoofing the P code is XORed with W code a cryptographically generated sequence to produce the Y code The Y code is what the satellites have been transmitting

when other values the cross correlation value is 65 1 or 63 Because of this nature Gold code se quence the receiver can pass phase shift local pseu do code to the received signal in the pseudo code phase alignment to obtain high processing gain it can be buried in the noise the signal detected Cyclic auto correla

1 Feb 2005 3 Spread Spectrum Technology Family Direct Sequence ▫ Process Gain ▫ Spreading Code Frequency Hopping ▫ Fast Frequency Hopping S 72 333 Postgraduate Course in Radio Communications 2004 2005 Gold Code ◇ Gold Code One of a family of pseudo noise codes that exhibits

inherit the spectrum of the code sequence also called the spreading sequence Figure 5 – The the spreading factor or the processing gain in dBs of the system dimensionality and benefit in CDMA systems Gold sequences Combining two m sequences creates Gold codes These codes are used in asynchronous

A Gold code also known as Gold sequence is a type of binary sequence used in telecommunication CDMA and satellite navigation GPS Gold codes are named after Robert Gold Gold codes have bounded small cross correlations within a set which is useful when multiple devices are broadcasting in the same nbsp

the correlator IDT with binary codes having good cross correlation properties such as Gold code 3 multiuser and multiple input multiple output MIMO type communication using single frequency SAW correlator can be achieved It improves code diversity and processing gain Multiuser and MIMO communication systems nbsp

Processing Gain The volumetric amount by which total output is greater than input for a given period of time This difference is due to the processing of crude oil into products which in total have a lower specific gravity than the crude oil processed Processing Loss

For this purpose several types of codes are used and some examples are given here for further information on the codes used by each system refer to the respective SIS ICDs GPS L1 C A uses Gold codes that are actually a combination of two maximum length codes GLONASS uses only one maximum length code Since it uses an FDMA approach low

Alternatives Direct Sequence DS SS Frequency Hopping FH SS Spread spectrum increases BW of message signal by a factor N Processing Gain Easy to guess connection setup in 2m samples so not too secure In practice Gold codes or Kasami sequences which combine the output of m sequences are used

reception with the code at the receiver is used for de spreading and data recovery The SS Communications are Processing Gain is approximately the ratio of the spread bandwidth to the information rate R bits s and it is 7 b PN Generator block diagram Gold code In this paper the so called Maximum–Length PN nbsp

The ratio in dB between the spread baseband and the original signal is called processing gain Typical spread spectrum processing gains run from 10dB to 60dB To apply a spread spectrum technique simply inject the corresponding spread spectrum code somewhere in the transmitting chain before the antenna nbsp

Processing gain Transmitted bandwidth Information bandwidth Classification Despreading Detection own signal Own Data Own Spreading Code Own Data x Code Data after multiplication Spreading Code Data after integration 4 4 1 1 1 1 1 1 sequences Gold sequence generators – X25 X3 1

Advanced Spreading Codes Part 1 fundamentals of m sequences Part 2 Gold Codes Part 3 Walsh Functions Part 4 Barker and Kasami Codes Gold codes can be easily generated from m sequences and offer numerous families of The required process gain will directly determine the spreading factor

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5 3 1 Walsh Hadamard – 5 3 2 Orthogonal Variable Spreading Factors OVSF – 5 3 3 Maximal Length Sequences – 5 3 4 Scramblers – 5 3 5 Gold Codes processing gain 2 Effect of interference by processing gain 3 Under ideal conditions there is no difference in BER performance between spread and non spread nbsp

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The MP3 encoding process lowers the quality of the original audio The reduced quality may become noticeable if you do further processing on the file the Remove vocals effect in GoldWave for example is adversely affected by the MP3 encoding process Files do not have be converted to cda format See this link for information on cda files

Sequence CDMA by the unique properties correlation functions of the Gold and M Sequence codes It also provides a detailed specification of the well known M Sequence and Gold codes modulation formats processing gain factor of N Hence absent any implementation loss the net effect of spreading and de

J t and N t multiplied to gain the bandwidth and filter is applied before recapture the message signal with reduced power of jamming signal which is given by processing gain 5 By doing this data signal is protected from jammers GP BWRF BWinfo fc f GP BWRF BWinfo fc f Gold codes These codes are effective nbsp

C A code represented in Equation 2 1 by Gi t is a Gold code of 1023 bits also called chips The chip rate in the C A code is fchip 1 023 MHz Therefore the C A code has a periodicity of 1 ms This leads to a processing gain of 43 1 dB The chip rate of the C A code is in fact a fundamental frequency for the GPS system

interessant Auch das GPS Signal Anhang B für den zivilen Code mit 1023 Chip langen Gold Codes bei einer Chiprate von 1 023 MHz also mit einem Processing Gain von 10 log 1023 30 dB ist deshalb mit einem Spektrumanalyzer nicht aufzuspüren Bei GPS war einerseits die Detektion des Signals unerwünscht nbsp

The P Y code has similar properties of the P code In order to receive the P Y code one must have the classified code Therefore only the fundamentals of the P code will be mentioned in the family of Gold codes 5 which will be discussed in the next section Figure 5 3 the processing gain of the signal In order to nbsp

Processing Gain CDMA is a spread spectrum technique Each data bit is spread by a code sequence This means energy per bit is also increased This means that Walsh sequences come into the first category which is Orthogonal Codes whereas other sequences i e PN Gold and Kasami are shift register sequences

transmission technique the frequency spectrum of a data signal is spread using a code uncorrelated with that signal As we combine every data symbol with a complete PN code the DS processing gain is equal to the Codes that can be found in practical DS systems are Walsh Hadamard codes M sequences Gold

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A special class of binary codes is the optimum or Barker codes They are optimum in the sense that they provide low sidelobes which are all of equal magnitude Only a small number of these optimum codes exist They are shown on the beside table A computer based study searched for Barker codes up to 6000 and obtained only 13 as the maximum

Gold codes and Kasami codes if carefully selected have autocorrelation functions and cross correlation functions close to the ideal codes By quot carefully selected quot we mean used unless stated otherwise As every data symbol is combined with a single complete pn code the DS processing gain is equal to the code length

27 Nov 2010 Bookmarks on this page Introduction Overview of Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum GPS Gold Codes GPS Modulation BBS over DSSS Simulation Source Code Links to other pages nbsp

signal to noise ratio is called processing gain and is defined as the ratio of the spread to the unspread bandwidth Figure 2 4 shows an example for When a set of Gold code is combined modulo 2 adding with a decimated version of one of the 2 m sequences that formed the Gold codes a set of Kasami codes is nbsp

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SPREAD SPECTRUM TECHNIQUES Hongying Yin Feb 1st 2005 Processing gain W R typically at least 100 Processing gain W R Gold Code One of a family of pseudo noise codes that exhibits minimal well defined cross correlation levels with all other members of the family This property is often exploited in CDMA

If code length of 1023 selected then the process gain Gp is 30 dB and system anti jam margin becomes 15 to 16 dB The PN sequences can be m Sequences Gold Codes Kasami Codes Barker Codes or Walsh Codes The code length and type of code is selected based upon system requirement If pure spread spectrum nbsp

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